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Props to Celandro, Paleblackness, Pytte, Rubricsinger, and Konkers for the original code used for this site
Special thanks to calvin from rpgoutfitter.com for his wonderfull addons CharacterProfiler and GuildProfiler

To the Devs of Roster, for helping to build and maintain the package. You Rock!

Thanks to all the coders who have contributed code, bug fixes, time, and testing of WoWRoster

Active Developers
Name Info
Zanix Coordinator, Site Admin
Author of SigGen, UniAdmin
Adric WoWRoster Dev
Interface Specialist
Anaxent WoWRoster Dev
WoWRosterDF Author (DragonflyCMS Port)
DS WoWRoster Dev
mathos WoWRoster Dev
PleegWat WoWRoster Dev
poetter WoWRoster Dev
Sphinx WoWRoster Dev
German Translator
Zeryl WoWRoster Dev
Author of Missing Recipes
Matt Miller Gimpy Dev
Author of UniUploader, UniAdmin
calvin Gimpy Dev
Author of CharacterProfiler, GuildProfiler
bsmorgan Gimpy Dev
Author of PvPLog

3rd-Party Contributions
Name Info
Nick Schaffner Original WoW server status
Averen Original MemberLog author
Cybrey Advanced stats & bonuses block on the character page
dehoskins Improvements to the stats & bonuses block
vgjunkie Recoded professions page for v1.7.1
New show/hide javascript code for collapsable tables
EQdkp team Original version of the installer/upgrader code
and their templating engine
Retired/Inactive Developers
Name Info
AnthonyB Retired Dev
Site Admin and Coordinator
v1.04 to v1.7.0
Airor/Chris Inactive Dev
Coded new lua parser for v1.7.0
dsrbo Retired Dev
Retired PvPLog Author
Guppy Retired Dev
Mordon Retired Dev
Head Dev up to v1.03
mrmuskrat Retired Dev
Retired PvPLog Author
Nemm Inactive Dev
nerk01 Inactive Dev
Nostrademous Retired Dev
Retired PvPLog Author
peperone Inactive Dev
German Translator
RossiRat Inactive Dev
German Translator
seleleth Inactive Dev
silencer-ch-au Inactive Dev
Swipe Inactive Dev
vaccafoeda Inactive Dev
Vich Inactive Dev

Javascript Libraries
Name Info
DynamicDrive Tab content script
DynamicDrive license
DhtmlGoodies Color pallet script
DhtmlGoodies license
Erik Bosrup OverLib tooltip library
Walter Zorn DHTML Drag/Drop library
Lesser General Public License
MiniXML MiniXML Library
GNU General Public License
nicEdit Micro Inline WYSIWYG Editor
MIT License
WoWRoster Addons
Name Version Info
Armory Sync
Ulminia - Author of 2.7 rewrite and new maintainer
poetter@WoWRoster.net - Author of 2.6 rewrite
kristoff22@WoWRoster.net - Original author
tuigii@wowroster.net - testing, bugfixing and translating
zanix@wowroster.net - testing, bugfixing and translating
ds@wowroster.net - supporting
teta@teta.be - Original Author
vaccafoeda.hellscream@gmail.com - Original author
Gilden Historie
Nefuh - Addon Author
Gilden Info
WoWRoster Dev Team - Original Author
Charakter Information
WoWRoster Dev Team - Original Author
WoWRoster Dev Team - Original Author
WoWRoster Dev Team - Now maintained by the whole team
PleegWat - Original Author
Fehlende Rezepte
Teta - Roster 2 Porter
Zanix - Templates Master
Holgiranemsi - German localization
Theophilius - R2 Port FRfr version
Subxero - R2 Port Localized version
Zeryl - Original addon developer
Pleegwat - Regex Master
vgjunkie - Original Author
PvP Übersicht
WoWRoster Dev Team - Sortable/filterable member list
Quest Liste
WoWRoster Dev Team - Original Author
Cybrey and tuigii - Lists faction reputation stats
tuigii - Adapted for Roster V2 beta
Screenshots 0.1.0
MattM - Screenshot Storage and Viewer for UniUploader
Zanix - Signature and Avatar Generator
WoWRoster Dev Team - Original Author

WoW Roster is licensed under a Creative Commons "Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5" license.
Serveral javascript files are libraries that are under their own licenses.
The installer was derived from the EQdkp installer and is licensed under the GNU General Public License

See license for more details

WoWRoster v2.0.2

Dank an Celandro, Paleblackness, Pytte, Rubricsinger, und Konkers für den originalen Code der Seite.
WoWRoster home - www.wowroster.net
World of Warcraft and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
Additional Credits

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